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Not all coupons are accepted at all Jiffy Lube outlets though. But with a mindboggling variety of oils to pick from, it is no wonder that first-time visitors to a Valvoline quick lube feel overwhelmed. Valvoline is one of the few quick lubes in America that has a near-flawless customer rating. They are friendly, skilled and go about their job fast. Not to mention that they are a lot cheaper than getting an oil change at a dealership. The most often coupons that you can find at Valvoline are:. The easiest way to get a coupon is to sign up for their email newsletter.

Alternatively, you can find some great deals on Groupon too. Keep your eyes open. Firestone Autocare has more than locations around the United States. But their services are often cheaper than a quick lube franchise. And they offer some great discounts on their website itself. For all other varieties of oil high mileage, synthetic blends and full synthetic , Firestone uses Pennzoil variants, which are compatible with most manufacturer recommendations.

Like we said, great prices. Along with the standard oil and filter replacements, Firestone also offers the mandatory point preventive tune-up maintenance checks, brake pads and rotors inspection , and vital fluid top-ups for free. So, the time taken for an oil change depends on the number of customers in the queue. The estimated time is 30 minutes. But it can be more or less.

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That might seem steep, especially when you compare it with 10 and minute oil changes. Oil changes at Pep Boys are all about cheap prices and fast services. They often have large hoardings on state highways offering aggressive discounts on their services. And their prices are on par with Firestone for standard oil change packages and are cheaper than most for some of the other pricier packages.

It comes with up to five quarts of technician-recommended Quaker State conventional oil variant, an oil filter replacement, tire rotation, tread depth, and pressure check and a courtesy vehicle check, which is similar to the maintenance checks and fluid top-ups offered by most auto repair centers.

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It includes up to five quarts of Pennzoil High Mileage or synthetic blended Motor Oil and the usual extras. The prices are pretty reasonable, they offer the same extras as the competition does and they enjoy a great reputation as well. There are outlets all over the country. So, you can easily find one close to your home.

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Hard to go wrong with Pep Boys. Midas is one of the most reputed auto repair centers in the world and they have over outlets across the United States and Canada. Their services are generally considered pricier than the rest.

However, they always have some great discount coupons on offer. That makes it completely worth the few extra bucks that you spend at Midas.

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All packages include up to 5 quarts of your selected oil, a new oil filter, and basic preventive maintenance checks. Despite being one of the oldest brands in the automobile repair business, Sears has a surprisingly cheap oil change.

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Guess the old rivals just cannot stop competing. So, the difference in price reduces as you go higher in the hierarchy. The premium conventional in the standard package, Maxlife in their synthetic blend package and Synpower in the full synthetic package. All packages include up to 5 quarts of oil.

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If your vehicle needs more, then prices per quart vary from one outlet to the other. Complimentary services include topping off vital fluids, chassis lubrication, tire inflation and an overview of essential systems in the vehicle. And if you are a shop your way member, you can avail buyback points for each package that you choose.

But if you are a Sears shopper, then you can avail some great discounts and rebates by clubbing your automobile maintenance with the rest of the shopping. Goodyear has been synonymous with automobile tires for decades and their recent foray into auto services has been equally well received. They have a vast network of auto service shops or lubes that have very competitive rates for oil change.

So, if you an old-schooler who still believes that conventional is the best, you know where you can get it for the lowest price. Having said that, Goodyear runs discounts year-round and a coupon is available at all times on their website. The Manager told me. They need to shut that place down and no wonder Sears is having financial problems and filed for bankruptcy. I am shocked and appalled by the experience I had at such at an establishment with the Sears name. Not only was there a lack of customer service, but the level of discrimination and misogynism made me compelled to write this complaint so that the public be informed of such hideous business practices.

At arriving to the location, I had informed the clerk to please let the mechanic know that the tire pressure for the front and back tires would need to be adjusted once the tires are rotated since BMW's guidelines as marked on the sticker from the door panel clearly state that the pressure should be 42 psi for the back and and 35 psi for the front.

The clerk made the notes and assured me this would be taken care of. I went about my day and picked up the car a couple of hours later once the service was done. Within a couple of minutes of driving my car, the computer alerted me that the tire pressure was indeed incorrect.

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I immediately went back to the Sears Auto Services and brought this up with the same clerk who brought it to attention to one of the workers. I explained to him various times that the dealer sticker has a different PSI that he was telling me was correct. It must be noted that he was trying to tell me that the tires should be 32 PSI even though none of the tires were even at the level the "he said" was correct.

He would go ahead and refuse to put air into the tire at my request. So Sears gets a total F for the following reasons: not following manufacturer guidelines clearly depicted on the automobile, refusing customer service, showing a complete lack of respect for the client and allowing a misogynist atmosphere in the workplace. This will be the last time I ever go to any Sears affiliated store or center. Women or anybody that wants their car taken properly care off should be alarmed.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Worst service ever. In a 4hr time frame they never followed up. That night I was left stranded right off the Olive Exit on the 99 a very dangerous area for a young female to be alone at 11pm. I missed a full day of work and school to resolve this just to be told it's my fault.

They claim it was just a coincidence that may relate to the code the car read on Sunday Which they also failed to communicate with me. Do not trust Sears. They will not take responsibility for their mistakes and do not care about their loyal customers. I had marked the oil filter and the oil cap before taking it to Sears for oil change but forgot to check it right away till 12 days later and the markings were still there.

My son had a slow leak on one of his tires - after a couple of weeks of him putting air in the tires to get the warning light to go out. He asked what he should do. Both him and I walked around the Jeep looking for the obvious - nail etc.. Nothing was found, I advised him to take it in to a service center and have them check the tires- a slow leak they could patch it. He dropped the car off- they called him back and explained that they had found a nail in the tire.

He walked over to discuss this and they asked him to keep the Jeep there overnight and that they would order a new tire because it was on the side wall.