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If between sizes go with smaller of the two. Each pair comes inside a cute tote for carrying in your purse and each tote will come tagged by size. Give your bridesmaids the gift that keeps on giving. Cinderollies wedding ballet flats that fit in their purse. Keep lighting, keep reading, and thank you from my now family of three - Mark. We sent out thousands of candles all across the country and, hopefully, made our customers laugh. We know for a fact based on some nasty emails that we also made some customers cry.

Otherwise, they just yell at us. We will be putting out some new candles and retiring others. Look for those announcements soon. As always, please light our candles responsibly. Right now all candles being ordered are shipping within hours. Our workers are taking 0 days off and we've canceled all breaks too.

They love it! Just a quick update: We have two coupon codes you could use. Stay classy. My own grandmother used to smoke a pack a day, chew nicotine gum, and wear a nicotine patch on each arm, and she lived to be Buy one here for the smoker in your life, because you might not get another opportunity! Make America Grape Again. We decided to release this candle even though every single lawyer told us it was a pretty bad idea.

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Order while supplies last, or until we get sued. As long as you believe it does, it will. Spring is in full bloom and that means new life, new love, and new relationships that are all bound to end in disappointment. What better way to celebrate than with our newest candle Love Me Tinder?

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Spring and summer are right around the corner, and so is our new candle line. Stay tuned, -- Mark. Now for something completely new! We held a contest in that we never followed up on. We wanted the fans to name our new strawberry-scented candle. We finally got around to it, and we are proud to introduce Strawberry Shortcomings.

We had two fans both independently send us Strawberry Shortcomings. Thank you, Rachel and Ivette. You guys win our longest contest ever. Check them out here. Just what you need on the last days of winter Candles that make Scents. A shout out to "The Pipefitter" of Madison Wisconsin. Yesterday I was a guy working out of a small, cramped factory with no windows. I suppose we now need a candle that smells like pre-noon wine. They also did a great job of recapping how we got started: when I refused to write a term paper and decided to make a candle instead.

A true American Dream. Special thanks to all our fans and supporters out there.

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Check out our stellar Instagram account here , run by our Instagram Specialist, Aubrey. Sign up to our Big Flicking Newsletter here , and, as always, thanks for stopping by. We are floored, blown away, and so excited.

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Thank you. Thanks for the kind words and for 6 th place. Hopefully next year we can make the top 3. You can only use one per purchase, so pick whichever one suits you and use it! With this code, we will literally send you a crappy candle we messed up with. Those are the codes. There is no better way to spend these long, cold, winter nights than on the couch with that person you just found on that dating app. Celebrate the romance, and buy this candle while supplies last! Check it out here. Below is a picture of who we think would love this candle.

We also have a deal called 2for Check their website out here. Below is what we imagine the girls from that website look like.

The candle never sold really well, especially because losing your house just kind of sucks. We have a new house candle we're working on now. It will take a penny off your order which is stupid , but it will also notify our shipping department to throw in the Free Foreclosure candle. Again, there are only 10 of these left, so best of luck if you get one. Also, you actually have to order a candle for us to send you the free one. Don't be cheap. As always, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Please Like our page, so we can compete with grass.

October is the perfect month to show your Bro how much you care about him. This coupon code lets you buy four candles for the price of three. As always, we have a news letter which we sometimes use to send out other sweet deals and announcements.

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You can sign up for that here. Sometimes I respond.

The presidential election is only days away. It goes without saying: these are limited-edition candles and will only stay as fresh as the candidates themselves. Also, unlike our regular line of candles, these do not have any text written on the backs of them. We want to do something great for America by making this the best-smelling election of all time. They want to share in your happiness, so throw a big wedding morning brunch. There are so many ways from sweet notes to jewelry and all that in between.

Pinterest and Etsy are wonderful places to look for cool invites to be a bridesmaid. If you go sugary sweet when it comes to the invitation to be in your wedding party, you should probably find a sweet way to thank them for being your bridesmaid.